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Black Diamond

More about the author

When she isn't nerding out on dragons, Amber likes to see the finer details such as the paint choices, shape, anatomy, even the structure of figures, puzzles and pictures. She has always been detailed orientated and likes a challenge, whether that be a puzzle or a wood burning that is three feet long. Though Amber can be busy, she makes time to be with her friends, family and dogs. Her family and friends are the ones she strives to succeed for. She likes to take things day by day and tries to see the fun side of things. 

Scroll down to find out what made Amber write a book in the first place. Take a peak in the authors mind and jump in.

Green Pattern

What started it. . . ?

     "Writing a book is no easy task. A lot of thoughts go through your mind as you process what you want and edits will occur after re-reading them. I encourage anyone who wants to write, it's a fun pass time and you never know what will happen.  If you have the time and patience to see it through, it can take you to places you didn't expect."

-Amber Hall


A Simple Wood Burning Project

At the time, I thought nothing of it when I originally created this wood burning. As I finished painting it, a couple thoughts crossed my mind and the thoughts wouldn't leave me alone. At first I thought I could burn the ideas onto wood, but then I realized that there could be more to it then I thought. That's when I began writing it down.

Why dragons?

When it comes to dragons I am an absolute dragon nerd. Every time I see a different dragon figure I'm tempted to add it to my already army of dragons. I have always liked dragons. They are mysterious mythical creatures that can do many things and are sometimes all knowing. So for me, when I was trying to decide how to portray them in a way that was different, I couldn't just decide on one type cookie cut way. I wanted each dragon element to have a different feature, but yet they were connected. 


Different Crystals

The purpose of the crystals is to connect all the dragons together and connect them to their elements. These crystals gave them purpose and the knowledge they possess. 

"The six main elements are water, fire, wind, thunder, earth, and dark. These six elements help create the world we live in as well as keep things balanced. One wrong tip in the scale, and devastating consequences can occur."

-Opal (Last of the Crystal Dragon)

Fire ruby



Sub Elements

(Lava manipulation, Heat Resistance, Temperature Control)

earth emerald



Sub Elements

(Forest magic, Herb Remedies, and Calls to Animals)

Water sapphire



Sub Elements (Healing,


Ice magic)

wind blue topez


(Blue Topez)

Sub Elements

(Breathing compatibility, Flying, and Defensive wind)

thunder citrine



Sub Elements

(Light in the sky,
Electricity Manipulation, Transfer currents, and Big Impact attacks)

darkness amethyst



Sub Elements

(Shape-shifting, Illusions, Copying, and Severe Poisoning)

Why did I publish?

I knew I would regret it if I didn't publish. For my capstone in college I wrote a short story and my professor recommended I publish it. I didn't think anything of it at the time and I never did. As time passed I did later regret this decision, so when I debated on publishing I remembered this and knew I would regret it a second time. That gave me the courage to reach out to a publisher and finish the book. I thank my publisher for helping me on this journey as they were patient and guiding in this process. No regrets!

Open Textbook in Library

Will there be a sequel?

No promises, but ideas have crossed my mind as I did leave some room for a continuation. We'll have to wait and see, it wouldn't be fun if I gave an answer right away. 

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